Vintage Soy Candles

A little Sunday DIY project – vintage soy candles! These candles are the perfect homemade gift for someone special with a beautiful creamy look and texture and can be flavoured with any scent that you choose. So sweet! After a trip to the local second hand store, I was inspired by my collection of vintage glass jars and tea cups to turn them into sweet smelling candles. After quick search on the internet I found out that the lovely girls at Lorna Jane had already discovered the beauty of homemade candles and had a step-by-step instruction blog, brilliant!

I purchased all of my supplies from Aussie Candle Supplies and set about preparing my glasses. The only changes that I made to the steps in the Lorna Jane blog was that I used silicon to glue my wicks to the bottom of my jars as it was more secure than the sticky dots (don’t use hot glue, it will melt with the hot wax). Silicon is able to withstand the hot candle wax and doesn’t show through the wax at the bottom of the jar (unless you colour the wax).

I also didn’t use chop sticks. I simply put a piece of masking tape across the centre and down the sides of my jars and pushed a hole through the tape right over where the wick was glued at the bottom and pulled the wick through the tape. This kept the wick in the centre of the candle and was also a lot more steady. Everything else was perfect!

These candles were flavoured with French Vanilla Ice Cream from Aussie Candle Supplies, making them the perfect sweet smelling gift! These few are just so great… I think I might just keep them for myself and make some more!